What is aeration and overseeding?

Aeration & Overseeding By Anthony Aeration & Over-seeding, What actually is it? It’s almost that time again, the days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down. Fall is right around the corner! As the year goes on your lawn begins to show the affects of the summer weather, disease and many other factors that […]

Why you should mulch your garden

THE BENEFITS OF MULCH By Anthony WHY YOU SHOULD MULCH  YOUR GARDENS Simply put, Mulching is an essential part of your landscape maintenance. Beyond providing an improved visual appeal, mulch actually provides various nutritional benefits along with actually helping to protect your plants. There are plenty of types of mulch to suit each unique condition and […]

5 Reasons for an Irrigation System

5 REASONS FOR YOUR OWN IRRIGATION SYSTEM By Anthony 52 HOURS A YEAR  1 hour a week is the average time homeowners spend watering their landscapes. In total this adds up to 52 hours a year spent outside watering. What would you do first with all the extra time saved?  Join that sports team you’ve […]