5 Reasons for an Irrigation System

By Anthony


1 hour a week is the average time homeowners spend watering their landscapes. In total this adds up to 52 hours a year spent outside watering. What would you do first with all the extra time saved? 

Join that sports team you’ve always wanted? Spend the extra time with your family? Go for that date night? The possibilities are endless. In other words, you’re spending over a week at work watering your landscape. 

An Irrigation system, more commonly known as an underground sprinkler system provides numerous benefits. Not only to your landscape and the health of your turf/plants, but to you the homeowner.

 Irrigation, what is it? 

Irrigation is simply an automatic sprinkler system installed into your landscape that automates your lawn/plant watering. With the ever changing technology this is becoming more and more efficient and now including smart technology, automatic watering has become even better than manual watering.

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1. Freeing you from manual labor 

Watering the landscape yourself can be a time consuming and tedious, an irrigation system takes full control with no assistance other than you watching it work while sipping your morning coffee.

2. Reducing your water bill costs 

Who wouldn’t want lower bills coming in each month? Forgetting the time, forgetting to turn the sprinkler off, leaving the house for longer than expected, all of these can cause you to have that unexpected water bill show up.

While it can seem like there is more water being used, An irrigation system installed correctly has actually shown to reduce your monthly water bills. This is done through the accurate measurement of water being output onto your landscape as oppose to manual watering and guessing. 

3. Preventing uneven watering 

The health of your garden and turf can be impacted heavily by this. Manual watering is a guessing game of how much water is being put out and how long each area has been covered and not covered. An irrigation system provides 100% coverage and equal amounts of water being put into each area of your turf and plants. 

4. Helps prevent weeds / disease

 An irrigation system works to prevent weeds and disease by watering your plants and turf with the exact amounts of water required and hitting them at a low level with the goal of watering direct to the root. This helps to prevent weeds by only giving water to the plants 

5 . Preserves nutrients and soil structure

 Watering your turf and plants with your standard hose typically ends up overwatering areas which allows too much water to get into the soil allowing nutrients to run out with the run off water leaving your property. Properly watering with the correct amounts of water leaves your soil with plenty of nutrients and even reducing the compaction of your soil.

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