What is aeration and overseeding?

By Anthony

Aeration & Over-seeding, What actually is it?

It’s almost that time again, the days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down. Fall is right around the corner!

As the year goes on your lawn begins to show the affects of the summer weather, disease and many other factors that fight against it. With the weather cooling down, we are going into the optimal time for treating your lawn with what it needs to bring it to it’s best.

Aeration and Over-seeding are the most beneficial in the fall due to the shorter days, cool air and warm soil temperatures. While fertilizer packages alone can help to do a great job at giving you a lush green lawn, One of the most effective services to pair with this is the Aeration & Over-seeding service.

This is a service we recommend at least once annually, optimally being done twice annually. Once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Aeration and Over-seeding are paired together to get the best possible results as they work hand in hand. The Aeration creates openings in the soil for the seeding to reach deeper levels and create stronger root systems. 

Garden bed maintenance and mulching

 Aeration is the process where small cores of soil are removed to allow water, air and fertilizer to get better and deeper access to grass plant roots while also helping to fix compacted soils

Aeration helps to reduce soil compaction as compacted soils have many solid particles in a small area it prevents the circulation of air, water and nutrients in the soil. These areas can typically be found in spots that are used as pathways, both for humans or animals and in locations with fixed objects such as picnic tables, pools or even sports equipment.

Performing Aeration in the fall is extremely beneficial as opposed to other seasons due to the cool air and warm soil temperatures.

Over-seeding is the process in which grass seed is applied to the entire lawn area to encourage young youthful varieties of grass plant to come in and take over your lawn area. Creating a vibrant, lush and thick lawn.

There are many benefits with over-seeding. For starters, Visually it helps to create a thick, lush green lawn for you. Naturally a healthy thick lawn prevents weed growth and disease which leaves less work for you pulling weeds.

Done with Aeration, over-seeding provides even more benefit as the seeds are able to penetrate deeper into the soil which in turn works to create a stronger root system which makes fighting disease and weeds easier naturally.

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