Meltco De-Icer


    Coated Salt
    50 Lb Bag (22.68 kg)
    Minimal Corrosion
    Child & Pet Friendly
    Enhanced with MCi3 for safe and optimum performance




This eco-friendly formulation makes Meltco de-icer a safe and effective de-icer. Meltco  De-icer is a friendly option for snow and ice melting around children, pets, softscapes, hardscapes, roofs, and vegetation.

It consists of naturally occurring complex trace minerals and micronutrients in addition to the chloride family and MCi3. The MCi3 solution is formulated with CMA and organic elements extracted from seawater.

Its natural ability along with minerals and micronutrients buffers the effects of chlorides on vegetation and the environment. Meltco de-icer has no nitrogen or phosphorus added to make it an ideal option for de-icing around any body of water.


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