Jet Blue Ice Fighter


Coated Salt 44 lbs (20 KG) Reduces Corrosion to Vehicles & Property Melts Snow and Ice on Contact 71 % Less Corrosive than Commercial Road Salt Creates an Anti-Ice Barrier



JETBLUE™ Ice Melter is made with SMART MELT™ de-icing technology. JETBLUE™’s unique formulation allows for faster and longer lasting ice melting capability, while sparing your vehicles & property the corrosion and toxicity found when using traditional road salt. Its low application rate, bright colour and superior ice melting ability will make sure you have the edge on winter’s worst storms.

SMART MELT™ Technology is the third generation advanced engineered blend of polyols, salts and bio additives encapsulating a non-organic chloride. This blend offers the greatest ice melt capacity, low corrosion and overall performance like no other branded granular de-icer in its class. It was developed with the same patented technology used by commercial airports and military bases all over North America and UK. Suitable for both commercial and residential driveways, porches, sidewalks and steps.