Choosing the right shovel

By Anthony

Clearing Sno Can Be Easy 

We all know the feeling when we see a snow storm in the forecast, the preparation needed for the cold and shoveling the snow. Knowing the feeling of clearing through your property and being completely drained of energy and being sore.

Did you know most snow shoveling related injuries occur from ocerexertion or slipping and falling? That’s why we took the extra time to learn the safest and most efficient methods of shoveling snow.

First, with the right tools and methods snow shoveling can be easy and safe…

Typically, we use one kind of shovel when it comes to clearing our property of snow and that is something similar to the one pictured.

Unfortunately this is where body injuries can begin. This shovel is designed for pushing snow but many of us decide to use it for lifting piles of snow.

Don’t worry, I’m also guilty of this. Now that I have more experience from the many years of working in the field, trust me when I say this will drain you of all your energy.

Thankfully, there is a shovel designed specifically for picking up your piles. It was created with an ergonomic handle design to reduce the load on your back and help you lift with ease.

We will always recommend having two shovels on hand when it comes time to shovel snow. One for pushing the snow to the sides or into piles and a second for picking up and clearing those piles.

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