Smart Irrigation Matters – Here’s Why

July is smart irrigation month; a month when we as landscape and irrigation professionals review why responsible watering matters, and advance best practices to consciously irrigate your property. Using an irrigation system managed by a water responsible irrigation specialist is a sure way to enhance your green space, care for the environment, and save you more of your money!

Irrigation Systems – The Gold Standard in Efficient Watering

The healthy growth of plants depends on the right amount of 4 essential elements – water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and sunlight. Plants need measured nourishment, just like us. Without an automated subterranean irrigation system, you run the risk of both consistently under-watering and over-watering, disturbing that integral balance.

Life is busy. Consistent, thoughtful watering can easily fall to the bottom of the list causing your green spaces to flounder. Controlled remotely on an app or from a user-friendly console, automated irrigation systems offer considerable ease for homeowners and landscape professionals alike to monitor the health of your greenery in real time.

Many homeowners also water far too much – contributing to a destructive cycle that impedes healthy plant growth and dramatically increases water waste. In fact, watering 10 minutes every day with a hose nozzle uses 4,500 litres of water per month! A lawn only requires 1 to 1.5 inches of water a week, and excess water simply evaporates or pools, while also adding around $25 to your monthly water bill. As stewards of the environment, we strive to work with irrigation systems to reduce water waste, and tend to your property efficiently.

Optimal irrigation involves strategic, automated sprinkler systems that water smartly, and, using rain sensors, work in tandem with natural rainfall to conserve even further. With capabilities to keep a schedule, control remotely, and view data digitally, an irrigation system allows us to keep fully informed on your plant’s specific water needs, including identifying issues early while less costly to fix.

Get On Your Way to a Smartly Irrigated Property

Understanding the particular needs of your landscape is a large undertaking that irrigation professionals specialize in. We believe in practicing with water reduction top of mind, and work to avoid negatively contributing to both local and global water concerns.

Working with an irrigation specialist with training in environmentally sustainable practices and assessments is the easiest way to ensure both a beautiful property, and one that conserves water wherever possible. According to the Smart Water Irrigation Professional program, experts estimate that up to 50% of water used for irrigation is wasted by evaporation, wind or runoff as a result of inefficient delivery methods.

As a Water Smart Irrigation specialist, we look to make our practices of water reducing irrigation systems the industry standard, and are making meaningful progress one smart irrigation system at a time!

Choose not to contribute to the excess, and implement irrigation systems that will work for your green space, your wallet, and the environment.

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