Lawn Watering Tips

Watering Grass

By Anthony

Watering your lawn is an important part of keeping it healthy, green and thriving. It is important to know when you should be watering, how long you should be watering and how often you should be watering to keep from overwatering your lawn and causing more harm than good. All lawns are unique and will require their own.

How often should I water?

You should be watering your lawn for approximately 20 – 30 minutes about every 2 – 3 days or as needed based on your lawn and soil conditions. Keep an eye out for rainfalls that might’ve already happened or that are upcoming to allow mother nature to do the watering for you! After a rainfall we would typically wait 2-3 days before starting to water again. During the hot season keep an eye on your lawn as it may require additional watering.

How much water should I be using?

The total amount of water you are putting down should be equal to around 1″ – 1.5″ total per week. This can be measured through a variety of do it yourself methods. 

Our favourite method is to place a plastic container in your yard where the watering is happening and run your sprinkler for 30 minutes. Once the time is up, measure how much water is in the container and adjust the timing accordingly.

On average it takes about 30 minutes to deliver 0.5″ of water. This can be broken up into 3 days per week x 20 minutes of watering. This will equal the 1″ of water per week.

What time should I water at?

Watering should occur early in the mornings around 4 – 7 am. This will allow the water enough time to soak deep into the grass and avoid losing out to evaporation. Watering slightly before the sun beams directly down on the lawn also helps to prevent uv burn.

Night time watering should mostly be avoided to prevent water from sitting as leaving the grass wet for extended periods of time can lead to fungal diseases. 

What are the methods to watering?

There are a variety of different options for watering your landscape such as, In-ground sprinklers, Pulsating Sprinklers, Oscillating Sprinklers and Hose-end sprinklers are all great options!

I have a tree in my yard!

Tree’s require a significant amount of water each day which is pulled in through its root system. When it comes to watering near tree’s you will notice that you may require additional watering to be done. Keep an eye on the surrounding turf for any signs of drought stress.

I’m watering on a slope

Watering with slopes in your yard you should be using a method that disperses water slowly to allow it more time to soak in. Applying a lot of water at once will cause it to run off and start to collect in a pool at the bottom of the slope.

Watering Grass

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