Grass seed mix for cool-season climates. 

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By Manny

Choosing the right seed is important

Make sure to get high quality grass seed, not all seed is guaranteed to be 99.99% weed-free. This will save you time when you make a purchase of high-quality grass seed thus creating less work. You can spend more time enjoying your lush green lawn versus pulling weeds.

Recommended blended mix for spot seeding and over-seeding are the following,

1. Creeping Red Fescue

Creeping Red Fescue has a vigorous creeping habit that can help to create a dense, hardwearing turf. These shallow creeping roots help it to remain green even in drier soils and has a high tolerance for cold temperatures and shade.

2. Perennial Ryegrass

Perennial Ryegrass is a popular grass used in golf courses in northern climates. This is a grass with tough blades and a strong root system. Can withstand heavy foot traffic, is fast-growing and drought-resistant. This is a great low-maintenance grass type for active, busy families.

3. Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky Bluegrass, is the most popular grass plan found in most lawns, it produces durable, beautiful grass that ranges in color from blue-green. Has a shallower root system compared to fescue and grows into a thick, dense turf. Can withstand foot traffic from active pets and kids. Kentucky Bluegrass is what most people picture when they imagine the perfect lawn.

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