5 ways landscaping can increase your home value

Landscape Lighting

Benefits of Hiring A Professional Landscaping Company By Anthony Hiring a professional landscaping company will take care of all your needs. They are experts in their field and can keep the property looking its best with ease, so you don’t have to worry about it anymore! Here’s why hiring one could be beneficial for both […]

4 Benefits of landscape lighting

Pool landscape lighting by Groundhog Landscaping Toronto Etobicoke GTA

4 Benefits Of Landscape Lighting By Anthony Long gone are the days of packing up and heading inside once the sun has set. Landscape Lighting is a great way to light up your outdoor space and create a warm, and welcoming outdoor space for you to enjoy by yourself, with family, friends and more.  Spend more time enjoying your outdoor spaces and […]

Grass seed mix for cool-season climates. 

Toronto Irrigation

Grass Seed Mix For Cool-Season Climates By Manny Choosing the right seed is important Make sure to get high quality grass seed, not all seed is guaranteed to be 99.99% weed-free. This will save you time when you make a purchase of high-quality grass seed thus creating less work. You can spend more time enjoying your […]

Why you should have a rain sensor

Why you should have a rain sensor By Anthony Watering your landscape helps to maintain a healthy, vibrant, and thriving environment. Over watering can have negative effects on your landscape, pocketbook and wastes water.   A rain sensor is a device that communicates with your irrigation controller. When enough rain falls, the sensor absorbs moisture […]

World Water Day 2022

WORLD WATER DAY 2022 Celebrating World Water Day 2022 World Water Day has been recognized around the world since 1993, with the purpose of emphasizing the importance of water and the global water crisis. The United Nations has said “This years theme ‘groundwater’, draws attention to the hidden water resource that has always been critically […]

Lawn Watering Tips

Watering Grass

By Anthony Lawn Watering Tips Watering your lawn is an important part of keeping it healthy, green and thriving. It is important to know when you should be watering, how long you should be watering and how often you should be watering to keep from overwatering your lawn and causing more harm than good. All […]


2022 AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE WINNER By Anthony Water Conservation & Marketing We are proud to announce that we have received Awards of Excellence from Landscape Ontario for an Irrigation Project we completed over the summer of 2021, Along side 2 other awards for our marketing efforts.  We want to thank everyone for their continued support […]

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips

Snow Shoveling Safety Tips By Anthony Tips for increased safety when it comes to shoveling snow  Safety is important when it comes to shoveling snow. There are many ways you can hurt yourself and the goal here is to give you tips to help avoid injury. When it comes to shoveling snow there is a […]

Choosing the right shovel

Choosing The Right Shovel By Anthony Clearing Snow Can Be Easy  We all know the feeling when we see a snow storm in the forecast, the preparation needed for the cold and shoveling the snow. Knowing the feeling of clearing through your property and being completely drained of energy and being sore. Did you know […]

What is aeration and overseeding?

Aeration & Overseeding By Anthony Aeration & Over-seeding, What actually is it? It’s almost that time again, the days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down. Fall is right around the corner! As the year goes on your lawn begins to show the affects of the summer weather, disease and many other factors that […]